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I’ve been a little bit busy…

17th February 2019 Blog Post

So, last time we spoke I was knee-deep in writing my cyberpunk novel, Warpath – which I finished within the (frankly) nonsense time frame I set myself, with every intention of self-publishing via Amazon for Kindle. Then what happened? Well, I got kinda busy. In point of fact, I got really busy. I didn’t intend too… honestly. I’m quite lazy by nature, but I also happen to be self-employed. Which means I simply don’t have the luxury of turning down work whenRead More

In the future a girl stands on the roof of a skyscraper looking down on London

Warning: Warpath Is Coming

16th October 2018 Blog Post

London in 2076 is a crazy place… That was the jumping off point I gave myself, when I decided back at the start of August – after putting away the fantasy story I’d been struggling with – to write a bit of sci-fi. I needed to write something utterly removed from all the tropes and clichés swirling around my head, that seem to accompany everything sword and sorcery. And I’d read a bunch of excellent science fiction over the summerRead More

An old typewriter sits on a table with an empty sheet of paper set in it

I’ve never been very good with words…

4th October 2018 Blog Post

Not spoken words anyway. Comes from being a touch deaf, having a bit of a lisp, and never totally comfortable in groups of people I’m new to. But I love writing. I’m at my most relaxed during those small hours when the family are tucked up in bed asleep, and I’m ensconced in my office, tip-tapping at my keyboard. Our dog-in-residence (good old Puppers, the miniature Pinscher-Chiuaua cross) is usually busy farting away in a corner or curled up onRead More