I’ve never been very good with words…

4th October 2018 Blog Post
An old typewriter sits on a table with an empty sheet of paper set in it

Not spoken words anyway.

Comes from being a touch deaf, having a bit of a lisp, and never totally comfortable in groups of people I’m new to.

But I love writing. I’m at my most relaxed during those small hours when the family are tucked up in bed asleep, and I’m ensconced in my office, tip-tapping at my keyboard. Our dog-in-residence (good old Puppers, the miniature Pinscher-Chiuaua cross) is usually busy farting away in a corner or curled up on my lap. But, eventually, even she will wander off to find a comfy blanket to bury herself in, while I hurtle towards dawn, utterly distracted by whichever imaginary world I’ve concocted.

I’ve written three books. But you’ll never read them. They’re horrible. And that’s not me being self-deprecating; they really are bad. I’m proud of them, nonetheless, as it proves I have the tenacity, stubbornness and outright arrogance to think I might one day write something worthy of asking people to hand over their hard-earned cash for.

You see, that’s the end goal here. I don’t just want to play at writing. I want to turn my hobby into a fully-fledged job. Albeit a part-time one, as I’m very much aware most authors these days seem to struggle to make ends meet – even when the big publishing houses seem to be doing just fine, thank-you-very-much.

So, in this hidden corner of the Internet whereupon I’ve staked my claim, you can expect to find various ramblings, musings, ruminations and observations on all things science fiction and fantasy, from a bookish point of view. Mostly.

And I fully intend to post short stories, here and there. Ideas that have sat in the back of my head, some for decades, yearning to get out into the world to be discovered and devoured, delectable morsels of fiction that I hope you might enjoy.

Finally, we come to the point of this, my first post. I’d very much like it if you signed up to receive my email newsletter. You can do so in the little box, down below.

In return, I’ll ensure that the best posts I can write will be written, while keeping you informed of whatever authorly shenanigans I’m up to and every month, just for those of you who deign to subscribe, you can expect to receive a short story of my own creation, absolutely gratis.

There’ll be none of that nasty spam. You won’t see horrible popups. I’m never going to sell your email details onto a third party. No automatic video will ever start playing, with the volume way too high. Because if I don’t like any of that stuff, I’m going to assume most of you don’t like it either.

Just me, my words, science fiction and fantasy.


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